Date:    12-30-89  17:42
From:   Ken Willoughby

To:       Don AllenSubj:

Re:       ET

We have accumlated a few ET Bodies since 1947. Summer 1980 issue of THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL on page 54 updated:

1947 July 22  Roswell, New Mexico 4 Bodies
1948 Feb 13  Aztec, New Mexico 12 Bodies
1948 July 7  Mexico S. of Laredo Texas 1 Body
1952 Spitzbergen Norway 2 Bodies
1952 Aug 14  Ely Nevada 16 Bodies
1950 Sep 10  Albuquerque New Mexico 3 Bodies
1953 Apr 18  S.W. Arizona No Bodies 
1953 May 20  Kingman Arizona 1 Body
1953 June 19  Laredo Texas 4 Bodies 
1953 July 10  Johhanisburg S.Africa  5 Bodies 
1953 Oct 13  Dutton Montana 4 Bodies 
1955 May 5  Brighton England 4 Bodies
1957 July 18  Carlsbad New Mexico 4 Bodies 
1962 June 12  Holloman AFB New Mexico 2 Bodies
1964 Nov 10  Ft. Riley Kansas 9 Bodies
1966 Oct 27  N.W. Arizona 1 Body
1966-1968  5 Crashes In KY/OH Area 3 Bodies/ 1 UFO intact removed
1972 Jul 18  Morrocco Sahara Desert  3 Bodies 
1973 Jul 10  NW Arizona 5 Bodies 
1976 May 12  Australian Desert 4 Bodies 
1977 June 22  NW Arizona 5 Bodies 
1977 Apr 5  SW Ohio 11 Bodies 
1977 Aug 17  TobascoMexico 2 Bodies 
1978 May Bolivia No Bodies 
1988 Nov  Afghanistan 7 Bodies 
1989 May South Africa 2 ET Living
1989 June  UFO & 2 ET Transported in 2 Galaxy to Wright-Patterson AFB, South Africa
2 ETs & UFO
1989 July Siberia 9 ET Living

This should provide a wealth of autopsy evidence on ET body structure and workings when accumulated in any one place. ETs coming from UFOs have strange properties, a report: THE UFO CRASH / RETRIEVAL SYNDROME (STATUS REPORT II: NEW SOURCES,NEW DATA) by Leonard H. Stringfield is published by MUTUAL UFO NETWORK INC., 103 Oldtowne Road, Sequin Texas 78155.It has a January 1980 copyright date. The report interviews several medical doctors who did autopsies on ET Bodies from UFO crash sites.  ET had large heads and were around 4 ft tall. They have small noses and mouths with no ears or hair. The ET photo that I have was taken by an ET and has an eye diameter of an inch. He has his left hand raised in a salute. That hand has 4 fingers on it with one finger twice as long has either outside finger.  The photo was taken at a range of 3 ft from the waist up.  Brain capacity is 1800 cc versus 1300 cc for the average human. The skin is grey or ashen and under the microscope appears meshlike.  This meshlike appearance gives it the reptilian texture of granular skinned lizards like iguana or chameleon. There was a colorless liquid in the body without red cells, no lymphocytes, no hemoglobin.  There was no  digestive system, intestinal, alimentary canal, or rectal area in the ET autopsy.

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